Commercial Hedger

"The Commercial Ag Division of R.J. O’Brien provides deep insights and customized strategies in the futures and options markets for commercial grain interests and hedge fund traders."

When it comes to the grain markets, R.J. O’Brien is more than just a broker who takes, executes and clears your trades.

We are a strategic ally you can rely on to provide market insights and strategies that come from years of experience, exclusive onthe-ground market intelligence and primary market insights.

Risk-Management Consulting

Because we understand the cash markets and their influence on futures prices so well, we can help you efficiently hedge your price risk. First, we work with you to define your riskmanagement objectives. Second, we perform a corporate-wide risk-management assessment. Finally, we develop a customized riskmanagement strategy suited to your specific operation and objectives. Once your baseline approach is in place, we are constantly on watch for changes in the markets that might require an adjustment to your strategy.

Trading Models

R.J. O’Brien is an innovative developer of proprietary trading models to hedge price risk in commodity futures markets, including product-specific tools as well as PositionBook, our proprietary software. PositionBook allows users to quantify risk exposure as well as analyze risks and payoffs associated with various strategies that encompass cash, futures and options positions.

Trade Execution

At R.J. O’Brien, you can count on superior, attentive, around-the-clock trade execution and clearing on major global exchanges. Our order desks are staffed with people who are committed to the industry and are intimate with how the markets work and move. If you prefer to place orders online, you have access to R.J. O’Brien’s proprietary trading platforms as well as those from leading ISVs. In either case, we welcome your interest in writing directly to any of those APIs.


Proprietary Market Insights

Information is everything for good risk managers, and R.J. O’Brien provides extremely deep, primary market commentary and insights on both market fundamentals and technicals.

  • Spot and futures market coverage
  • Fundamental analysis of raw market data
  • Technical analysis of market price and health
  • Daily pre-opening commentary
  • Intraday analysis and updates
  • Weekly market review
  • Special reports

Risk-Management Controls

R.J. O’Brien is proud of its unmatched history and reputation, particularly as it concerns the safety of our clients’ positions and funds.

  • Our capital is not leveraged in any way. It is used strictly to support the trading activities of our clients.
  • Client segregated assets are deposited principally at Harris Bank, Wells Fargo, Fifth Third Bank and the various exchanges on which R.J. O’Brien transacts business.
  • Client assets are invested strictly within the guidelines of CFTC Rule 1.25. We monitor positions around the clock in an agile, dynamic way with both our advanced technology and experienced staff, who are empowered to make decisions and take action.

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