For close to 100 years, RJO has offered services directly to account holders, introducing brokers, commercial hedgers and financial institutions. From these decades of experience we developed a service that allows non-clearing FCMs to service their underlying customers in a more robust capacity with the help of RJO. Simply put, RJO’s Enterprise Solutions and Facilities Management services take the tools needed to service accounts holders directly -- trading applications, middle office support tools, trade reporting and back-office capabilities -- and customizes them to the needs of partner FCMs. This service enables the partner FCM to do what they do best, sales and marketing, while having RJO in the background to run the operational and back-office elements of the FCM.

Each of the individual products in the enterprise suite is modular, allowing for maximum value through customization on a granular scale. Whether a firm needs a simple application to access markets or an entire private label FCM, RJO will work with you to determine the most integrated and complete solution for your client. Contact RJO’s Enterprise Solutions Relationship Team for more information at 866.438.7564.