Introducing Brokers

"The Introducing Broker Division of R.J. O'Brien supports both independent and guaranteed relationships with superior technology, intelligent market insights, transparent middle-office tools and personal service."

R.J. O'Brien is not only the largest independent broker in the futures industry, but also serves the largest number of Introducing Brokers.

The IB business is the heart of our brokerage operation, and our industry reputation for servicing these clients is stellar. What’s more, we are committed to serving the community well from all angles. Our roots are in the agricultural markets, and we were one of the founding members of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 1919. Today, we are the only original clearing member that still exists. That achievement speaks to our inherently conservative nature and extreme focus on financial stability. We believe we have been in business so long in part because we are majority family-owned and are extremely focused on our clients. Indeed, serving our clients is our only focus. R.J. O’Brien neither trades for its own account nor hedges against client positions. We hold our clients’ segregated assets at Harris Bank, Wells Fargo, Fifth Third Bank and the various exchanges on which we transact business and invest them strictly according to the guidelines of CFTC Rule 1.25.

Business Success Tools

We understand what IBs need to support business success, no matter if your clients are speculators or hedgers. Both you and your clients will appreciate the comprehensive set of tools built specifically for futures traders.

  • Place trades online in either of two proprietary platforms - RJO WebOE or RJO Vantage - both of which are free to use. Or, choose from other front-ends from major ISVs.
  • Log in to see all of your accounts in realtime. Check funds, positions and margins on an individual or aggregated basis. Run a customized reconciliation report daily.
  • Tap into some of the most in-depth commodity market commentary and insights available, and get the information and trading ideas you need—all day, every day. Besides our own primary insights, featuring veteran grain analyst Rich Feltes, we offer other high-quality fundamental, technical and weather resources to clients and IBs alike.

Exchange of Ideas Introducing Broker Conference

R.J. O'Brien pioneered the concept of bringing together Introducing Brokers to share business ideas and get an updated perspective on the markets. Since 1996, we’ve sponsored a two-day conference for all of our IBs each spring. We all learn a lot about the markets and each other, and we have a lot of fun while we’re together.

Market Outlook Discussions

On a quarterly basis, we offer a market outlook session with renowned analyst Rich Feltes, who provides a macroeconomic overview of fundamental factors as well as technicals affecting market prices. These regional meetings and dinner are focused on R.J. O’Brien Introducing Brokers as well as their clients and prospects.

On a monthly basis, Rich Feltes or David Hightower of The Hightower Report talk markets on a teleconference presentation open to all of our IBs. After the prepared remarks, the lines are open for a robust Q&A session.

Broker Training Internship

We believe it is important to bring bright, young talent into our industry. So, each May and November, R.J. O'Brien invites college juniors and seniors majoring in business or agriculture to a three-day program in Chicago, where they are introduced to the futures industry and the brokerage business. Attendees who successfully complete the program are provided with the names of our IBs who are looking to hire for internships or full-time positions.

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